Making easy money on your instagram account


We all love to spend time on instagram to evaluate photos of friends of beautiful girls or to watch short and funny videos, agree that we like to sit on instagram especially girls, despite the fact that it takes us a lot of time. But few of us know that in instagram you can earn in many ways, but first we will discuss the discovery of this social media and how much it costs.


  1. The first launch was on October 6, 2010.


  1. In April 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook. The purchase price amounted to $ 300 million in cash and 23 million shares of the company, making a total of $ 1 billion

Guys 1 billion dollars think about this amount.


This confirms that in the social media you can earn a lot and we will consider the site for Earnings on Instagram.


Agree that advertising is in fact the most expensive whatever it was, and therefore this type is the most effective and at the same time the most profitable option, there are many advertising exchanges for instagram.


What do you need from you? Only so that your account was filled with all sorts of posts well, and have a decent list of followers.

Well, let’s discuss)

Native Advertising Website – Krootez

Many thousands are already cooperating with the “site”. users, and they all earn on their real followers on an ongoing basis, placing ads of major brands. The average cost of placing 1 advertising post: from $ 20 to $ 50 you can register to work as a blogger, administrator of the public.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 3. You can withdraw the reward to the WMR-purse in the WebMoney system. The main conditions for accounts:

The minimum number of followers: 150; The number of posts in the tape is at least 30;


Not bad right? For me, two posts per day is more than enough.


Quite an interesting service that fully justifies its name. First, in Krootez there is a minimum limit on the number of followers of 25 thousand. Secondly, payment is not for the placement of an advertising post, but for clicks made through an advertising post. That is, the account must be really popular. At the same time, it is obvious that only the number of “genuine” (real) users matters for making money through this service. But!

The potential for earning on Instagram for owners of such photo blogs (popular, not wrung out) is really high compared to other exchanges. The cost of just one click in this service – up to $ 1!


Yes, this kind of more complex but still

If you have exactly the number of followers, then think for yourself what your earnings will be.


But not only on advertising on Instagram you can earn with the help of but also through the buy real followers for instagram you can learn more about the service on the site. If you are famous and you have a huge number of followers, then be sure that your earnings will double. And you know why?

In fact, everything is very simple when your followers see, for example, a post about new fashionable clothes, they automatically want to buy these clothes for themselves so that they are like you and they are happy and your earnings will double.


Earnings on Instagram profitable earnings, for example, your account is dedicated to gadgets, smartphones and cases to order, then on the site you find an advertising post on your subject and lay out posts to your followers and even with income.


Good money to you friends.

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